Collateral Damage

The oil patch's growing number of orphan wells pose a major environmental risk to Alberta—and a troubling liability that could leave the public footing the bill. But are new regulations around orphan wells hindering rather than helping the problem? Read story

Alberta Oil magazine (November 2015) 

Is Big Rock Back?

Big Rock Brewery used to be the pride of Alberta's craft beer industry. But after years of decreasing sales and underwhelming product launches, it lost its way. Now, Bob Sartor has a bold plan to revive the province's oldest craft brewer. Can consumers be convinced? Read story

Alberta Venture magazine (September 2015)

Rise of the Machines

There was a time when oil production was done by roughnecks. Today, the dirty work is done by robots—from driverless trucks to robotic arms on the floors of drilling rigs. How automated machinery is changing the industry, and what it means for workers. Read story

Alberta Oil magazine (February 2014)

The Vinyl Countdown

Dean Reid plans to be one of the largest producers of vinyl records in North America. To do so, he'll have to contend with decades-old machinery, costly replacement parts and secretive supply chains. Can his business keep up with soaring demand? Read story

Alberta Venture magazine (March 2015)

Oil Sands 2.0 

With its huge concave TV screens, soft lighting and automatic sliding-glass doors, GE's Customer Innovation Centre might not seem like a place where people come to talk about heavy oil technologies. But it's a glimpse of how industry is changing—for good. Read story

Alberta Oil magazine (September 2015)

Oil's Next Revolution

It's said that 3-D printing (or additive manufacturing) will disrupt every industry it touches. That includes oil and gas, where drill bits will soon be printed and geological shale formations will be modelled in three dimensions. Inside the transformation of an industry. Read story

Alberta Oil magazine (February 2014)

A Tale Of Two Tales

Some forecasters say Alberta’s housing market will face a moderate downturn in coming years. Others say it could be much, much worse. The weirdly divergent theories about where real estate is headed. Read story

Alberta Venture magazine (May 2015)

The Social Network

Algorithms are like the mathematical formulas of language. They can parse written content by zeroing in on key words or phrases and then ascribing an appropriate emotion to them—in turn acting like a sort of linguistic equation. But can they really help improve the oil industry's public image? Read story  

Alberta Oil magazine (March 2015)

"I'd Feel Guilty"

Shane O'Brien needed to see his house one last time. He sneaked away from a dedicated evacuation site near Slave Lake, where wildfires had swept through town hours before, to find his fridge standing upright in a pile of rubble that used to be his duplex. "I'd feel guilty if it was still standing," he said. Read story

Edmonton Journal (May 2011)