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Electric car threatens oil's century-long reign, but change will be slower than the hype

Even conservative estimates suggest electric cars will eventually overtake the internal combustion engine. Where might that leave oil producers? Read story

Financial Post (August 2017)

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How activists subtly upended the approval process for major energy projects

Environmental activism is no longer about reducing emissions, one project at a time—it’s about changing culture. Read story

Financial Post (December 2016)

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For the town of Inuvik, the Mackenzie Valley pipeline was the lifeline that never came

For decades the pipeline has been a contentious topic in the community—and remains a harbinger of the changing debate around infrastructure development. Read story

Financial Post (December 2016)

Alberta’s New Abandoned-Well Program Makes Compliance Impossible for Some

Alberta's growing number of orphan wells pose a major environmental risk—and a troubling liability that could leave the public footing the bill. Read story

Alberta Oil magazine (November 2015) 

Can Bob Sartor bring back Big Rock?

The "fix it" CEO has a bold plan to revive one of Alberta's oldest craft breweries, reversing years of decreasing sales and underwhelming product launches. Read story

Alberta Venture magazine (September 2015)

How the ‘rise of the machines’ will transform oil and gas

Roughnecks used to do the oilfield's heavy lifting. Today, the dirty work is done by robots—from driverless trucks to robotic arms on the floors of drilling rigs. Read story

Alberta Oil magazine (February 2014)

The vinyl countdown: Can this upstart record-pressing plant keep up with soaring demand?

To do so, Canada Boy Vinyl will have to navigate decades-old machinery, costly replacement parts and secretive supply chains. Read story

Alberta Venture magazine (March 2015)

The next revolution: how 3-D printing is transforming the energy sector

Companies already use additive manufacturing to model geological formations or even print drill bits. They could soon use the technology to do much more. Read story

Alberta Oil magazine (February 2014)

How energy producers are using Twitter analytics to track public opinion

The algorithms that scour social media sites are getting better at understanding user emotions. But will they be useful in actually shifting public opinion?  Read story

Alberta Oil magazine (March 2015)

"I'd feel guilty if it was still standing"

Shane O'Brien needed to see his house one last time. Read story

Edmonton Journal (May 2011)